Welcome to Kega Fashions, an apparel manufacturing company since 1988 where fashion is combined with a passion for change and care for every person.


Kega sustainably produces an array of apparel providing comfort, fit, and durability.


Dedicated to promoting decent work opportunities for women and youth, our mission is to uplift communities through purposeful apparel manufacturing that empowers individuals, fosters a sense of value, and creates a lasting impact.


Here we are!

Kega, where every detail holds a world of value.

Why Kega?

Since 1988, our products reflect the experience of years of dedication and passion for the production of apparel products.

 When you choose Kega Fashions, you don’t just invest in premium quality; you are investing in change. For the families and the society around us.

We endeavor to maintain consistency in our production processes and commit to continuous improvement by embracing the Kaizen philosophy.

Products & Services

Our mission is built on the belief that our responsibility extends beyond environmental impact. We actively provide opportunities to empower youth and women through curated initiatives.

We believe in fashion with purpose, and this drives our impactful initiatives. We put this purpose into action through our giveback activities.

In cooperation with stakeholders, suppliers, and partners, we are actively shaping a sustainable future through circular economy practices, striving for lasting change.